4 Reasons To Keep Going With Dry January

Are you still participating in Dry January? So am I. This is my first year joining the club and it's been an interesting test in will power.

If you are, here’s more motivation, from experts, to keep going:

  • You’ll lose weight (no more empty liquid calories).
  • You’ll sleep better (no more waking up in the middle of the night when the alcohol wears off).
  • Your skin will improve (alcohol dehydrates your skin).
  • Your mental health will improve (that spike in happiness when you are drinking can be followed by anxiety, depression, less energy, irritability and more)

And I'll add a fifth point that I've already noticed halfway through the month, I've saved some money. Drinks, especially here in Las Vegas, are particularly expensive. Another reason to keep going!

We're almost Bon Jovi status, we're halfway there. You can do it!! Keep going!!

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