Guess When 'Mojave Max' Emerges, Win Prizes For Your Kids

With Groundhog Day coming, so comes the emergence of Mojave Max. It's a Las Vegas-area event where a tortoise at The Springs Preserve wakes up to signify spring-like weather coming to the desert.

Well, now your kids can make a prediction and have some skin in the game.

A new program for kids will teach them to respect and protect the Mojave Desert…and especially the tortoises that live there. The Mojave Max program shows elementary kids how humans and tortoises share the same desert, and it’s important we keep the threatened species around. It includes an “Emergence Contest” where students make guesses as to the exact date and time that Max will wake up (or “emerge”) from his burrow at The Springs Preserve. The student who comes closest to the actual date and time can win prizes for themselves and their laptops and pizza parties. 

Learn more at HERE.

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