First Full ‘Kardashians’ Trailer Has Arrived

Ok Kardashians fans, get ready, the first full trailer for The Kardashians has been released and it's full of footage. 

The trailer for the series return dropped last night during The Bachelor and is now getting millions of views on the Kardashian social accounts.

When you see the trailer you definitely notice it looks like it was filmed in the same style as when the show was on E!. It also seems that you'll be getting your fair share of the relationship between Kourtney and Travis Barker throughout the season. 

Oh, and before you ask, Pete Davidson wasn't in the trailer. Find out if he's on the show when it premieres on Hulu in April. 

Do you think the move to Hulu will be better or worse for the Kardashians? Will this make you want to subscribe to Hulu? 

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