His Mom Offered Him $1,800 To Stay Off Social Media For 6 Years, So He Did

When Sivert Klefsass of Motley, Minnesota was 12 years old, his mom made him an offer: Stay off social media until he was 18 and she would pay him $1,800.

Well, he did just that and recently cashed his check. Sivert's mom said she got the idea after seeing her older daughter struggle with self-esteem issues and depression from too much social media.

Sivert admitted it was tough at times to feel "out of the loop" but his friends kept him up-to-date. "On the whole, I would say totally worth it. I mean, I would do it again."

Sivert did, however, sign up for an Instagram account right away on his 18th birthday.

Still, I say money well spent! I wonder if my kids would do it for $100?

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