Morgan Wallen To Release 'Don't Think Jesus," A Deeply Personal Song

Morgan Wallen is releasing a new song called, “Don’t Think Jesus,” and the song brought Wallen to tears when he first heard the song in his truck. 

While previewing the song on TikTok, Wallen captioned the song snippet, “Good Friday,” which is when the song will be released. 

The emotional song is about a boy who is busy chasing women, drinking whiskey, and “getting stoned,” until he realizes, “Jesus didn’t do it that way.”

“If I was him I’d say to hell with you / ain’t no helping you / find someone else to give Heaven to / I’m telling you / I’d shame me, I’d blame me / I’d make me pay for my mistakes / oh, but I don’t think Jesus does it that way.” Wallen sings during the chorus. 

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