Cracker Jack Meet Cracker Jill, Supporting Women Sports Foundation

PepsiCo is putting a new twist on a 125-year-old snack with its new Cracker Jill characters and packaging. The rebranding of the classic stadium snack is an attempt by the brand to promote the barrier-breaking accomplishments of women in sports.

The five special-edition bags will be available at Major League Baseball stadiums throughout the season with a $5 or more donation to the Women’s Sports Foundation. PepsiCo will also donate $200,000 to the nonprofit to “help girls and women across the country reach their potential in sport and life.”

The campaign also features a video of Normani singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” switching up the lyrics to ask for someone to buy her “some peanuts and Cracker Jill … no one can stop you if you have the will.”

Now we just need an MLB team in Las Vegas... how's that coming along with the A's?

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