Tom Brady Inks $375 Million Dollar Deal with Fox Sports

Even though Tom Brady is returning to the Bucs for another season, when he truly hangs up the jersey, he'll have a lucrative deal waiting for him.

Sources say the goat just signed a 10-year, $375 million dollar deal with Fox Sports. ESPN lured away Troy Aikman and Joe Buck, so Fox made their move on Brady.

NFL commands big audiences to justify the large salaries. For example, last year 75 of the top 100 shows in America were NFL Games and their deals with Fox, ESPN, NBC, Amazon and CBS are worth a combined $110 billion.

Meanwhile, the greatest QB in the game made a mere $333 million over his career, often taking less to help his team's salary cap.

Brady's deal with Fox Sports doesn't start until after his QB career, but it is possible he could be behind the mic sooner, as Fox has two upcoming Super Bowls in the next three years.

One thing is certain, you'll be seeing Tom Brady on your TV screen for years to come.

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