How To Watch This Weekend's Blood Moon Eclipse In Las Vegas

It's Friday the 13th weekend, why not add a blood moon to the mix.

A 'blood moon' will be visible this weekend thanks to a total lunar eclipse. Here's how to make sure you don't miss it:

The eclipse will begin Sunday around 7:30pm PST, and reach totality - with the entire Moon inside the Earth's penumbra - at roughly 8:30pm and continue through 10pm.

The 'blood moon' refers to the dark red hue projected onto the moon's surface during totality. It's caused by sunlight passing through the Earth's atmosphere before reaching the Moon. The eclipse should be easily viewable anywhere in the eastern half of the U.S., and its totality will be viewable anywhere in North America.

But what if it's cloudy? Don't worry, it won't be in the Vegas Valley. But in other parts of the country - NASA has you covered with a special lunar eclipse livestream an The next lunar eclipse won't happen until November - and the next one after that won't be until 2025.

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