Smart Speakers Will Now Let You Speak To The Dead, Sort Of

Most of us have a loved one that has passed away and we'd love to talk to that person again. Well, soon you may be able to hear their voice everyday.

At its annual re:MARS convention in Las Vegas last week, Amazon revealed a new update that will allow users to have Alexa speak to them in the voice of a family member or friend.

So if you'd like to hear your deceased parent or grandparents tell you the weather each day, you could do that.

All Alexa will need is a short recording of the person's voice. It will then use special software to mimic the voice. And get this, you can even use an old voice recording of a deceased relative and Alexa will mimic it.

So basically, you dearly departed loved one can read you a story or remind you to re-order something on Amazon Prime.

It's unclear when the update will be available. 

Is this feature cool or creepy?

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