Paul Rudd Sends Letter To Kid After Classmates Refuse To Sign Yearbook

Apparently, Paul Rudd really is as nice as he appears to be on the silver screen.

After hearing about a 12-year-old Colorado boy who couldn't get any of his classmates to sign his yearbook, the 53-year-old Ant-Man star sent him an encouraging letter -- along with an autographed Ant-Man helmet.

"It's important to remember that even when life is tough that things get better," Rudd wrote to Westminster resident Brody Ridder. "There are so many people that love you and think you're the coolest kid there is -- me being one of them! I can't wait to see all the amazing things you're going to accomplish."

Brody's mother, Cassandra, says she shared her son's story on Facebook after he came home from school upset one day. "My poor son. Doesn't seem like it's getting any better," she wrote. "Two teachers and a total of two students wrote in his yearbook despite Brody asking all kinds of kids to sign it."

Rudd got involved when he came across Cassandra's post, and since then, he and Brody have sent several messages to each other through the site and even FaceTimed, she says.

We need more of this compassion in the world!

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