Olivia Newton-John has Passed Away at 73

Olivia Newton John has died. Her Facebook page says the 73-year-old passed away in California this morning. Her husband confirms she had breast cancer. 

TMZ broke the news that the beloved actress and singer passed away. She's most known for her iconic role as Sandy in Grease, along with a successful music career. She had a massive hit with the song Physical.

She died peacefully at her ranch in Southern California with her family and friends surrounding her.

She's had an ongoing battle with breast cancer for more than three decades, with her first diagnosis in 1992. She had be in remission, but it returned in 2013. It reappeared in 2017. In 2019, she revealed that her cancer returned for a third time and the stage 4 condition appeared more aggressive.

She is survived by daughter Chloe, with her first husband actor Matt Lattanzi.

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