Mom Sparks Debate Over School's Cellphone Policy, Do You Agree?

This is an interesting debate. Show schools be allowed to read any texts between students?

A mom has sparked this debate online after sharing the new cellphone policy at her daughter’s school. Naturally, she is not happy about it.

Mom Dr. Racheal French recently shared the policy on Twitter, writing, “My daughter’s school released a new cell phone policy that includes, “School officials can read any text messages between students, even if the texts occurred outside of school hours,” adding, “Nopity nope nope.”

She also shared, “Me to my daughter: “Your phone is my personal property. If someone asks to read your texts, you tell them to call me and ask.”

The post has since been gone viral, with many folks sharing their thoughts on the subject. In fact, most agreed that the school looking at a kid’s text is an invasion of privacy, although some think it could be used to keep children safe, especially from bullies, something Dr. French doesn’t necessarily agree with.

"People, if a child is being cyberbullied and someone told them to kill themselves, the emergency is making sure that child is safe,” she writes, “not immediately figuring out who to punish."

Then there are other people wondering why a kid should have a phone at school at all, suggesting they should be collected at the beginning of the day. But as one person pointed out, “Have you heard about all the recent school shootings?,” adding, “But by all means, let’s take away the only thing a child has to contact 911 and their parent. The world of work now includes phones because it is 2022. Simple."

Does your child take a cellphone to school? If so, would you be okay with administration reading your kid's messages?

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