Las Vegas Makes List of Top 7 Fall Travel Destinations

This won't come as a surprise to most of us. For people looking for adventure this fall, these are the most popular spots around in the U.S.

According to website, these seven U.S. locations will be popular with travelers this fall:
7) Nashville, Tennessee - Makes sense, it's music city USA and the home of country music. Surprised this isn't higher on the list!

6) Key West, Florida - never been, but wanna go! Just not during hurricane season...

5) Lahaina, Hawaii - been there, always recommend.

4) Honolulu, Hawaii - for those that wanna go to a major city, but also Hawaii.

3) Orlando, Florida - Two words: Theme Parks.

2) New York, New York - never been, but this is a bucket list for me. Bring money, it's an expensive place to experience.

And the number one U.S. destination people will be flocking to fall is...Las Vegas, Nevada! DUH! We could count the reasons, but you probably already know.

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