First Quiet Quitting, Now Quiet Firing is A Thing. Here Are The Signs.

Quiet Quitting has been a buzz phrase this year, where an employee does the bare minimum until they find another job.

But Quiet Firing is a new phrase to describe when an employer does whatever it can to get you to quit rather than dealing with the headaches of termination. For example:

  • Not giving you a raise.
  • Passing you over for promotion.
  • Overburdening you with busy work.
  • Giving you a poor review without specifics for improvement.
  • Purposely giving you tasks you don’t like.
  • Changing your role abruptly.

Some bosses embrace the tactic because it can save them from having to pay a severance or going through a lengthy performance-improvement plan. But many workplace experts warn that it can create a toxic work environment and even leave employers open to lawsuits.

See if any of those signs are happening to you!

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