6 Las Vegas Locations Rumored to be Haunted

This week on the Living Las Vegas podcast, we discuss 5 places in Las Vegas rumored to have paranormal activity.

1) Fox Ridge Park in Henderson has a swing set that is said to be haunted by a little boy who died in a car crash, but many believe that the entity is much more demonic than it appears.

2) Hotel Apache at Binion's in Downtown Las Vegas has heard claims of phantom phones ringing, guests have felt touched or pushed by invisible hands, and shadowy figures have been seen lurking down hallways.

3) Talk about dam scary, the Hoover Dam is rumored to have phantom footsteps, the sounds of crying, and apparitions of workers in old-fashioned uniforms. There is also the urban legend that within the concrete walls are the remains of workers that perished during construction and were unable to be removed.

4) The Westgate Hotel claims that the king himself, Elvis Presley, haunts their theater's backstage area as well as the old elevators that he would take each night to get to and from his showroom.

5) The strange occurrences surrounding The Luxor have been prevalent since its construction began, as have the rumors that this luxury resort is more than just haunted, but possibly cursed. The have been several deaths through the years, including an unknown number of workers during construction..

6) In 1980, one of the most tragic events in Las Vegas history occurred inside the original MGM Grand resort, which is now Bally's. A raging fire engulfed one of their hotel towers that caused the horrifying death of 85 people. Guests in the North Tower claim they have experienced the overwhelming smell of smoke and the sounds of people screaming from down the hallway, making Bally's one of the scariest haunted hotels in Las Vegas.

Listen to the latest episode of our Living Las Vegas podcast below as Ice, Tony, and I discuss each of these haunted Las Vegas locations.

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