Nevadans Take Far Fewer Selfies Than Other States

You may think you take a lot of selfies, but more or less than the national average?

A new study on selfies says, on average, Americans take 1.5 selfies a week. Here in Nevada, not so much…we only take 0.88 selfies a week, that’s good for #32 in states nationwide. 

About 2,300 people were surveyed by Shiny Smile Veneers,

Across the border in California, they beat the average, taking 1.64 a week. More than 1 out of 10 of us take selfies in the gym. What's more, California does not even crack the top 10 list of selfies per week, coming in 12th in the rankings.

The top state was Illinois at 3.58 selfies per week. Below are the top five:
5. Oregon
4. Massachusetts
3. Arkansas
2. New York
1. Illinois

By the way, women take 50% more selfies than men. Most of them are taken in front of the bathroom mirror or in a car. 

Here are the top five types of selfies:
5. Outfit of the day
4. Changing room
3. Walking
2. In the car
1. Bathroom mirror

In case you're curious, 50% of the people say they’ve used filters on their photos, while 35% say that they have done editing to remove something unflattering.

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