10 Most Ridiculous 911 Calls From 2022

Calls to 911 are intended for real emergencies only, but not everyone understands that, and police departments all get their fair share of non-emergency calls. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan decided to have a little fun by compiling a Top 10 list of the most ridiculous 911 calls they received in 2022 …

10. A caller phoned to ask about a friendly officer they had met and see how his family was doing.

9. Someone called to complain about being put on hold.

8. A caller reported swallowing a mosquito and having difficulty eating dinner.

7. Someone needed help deleting a voicemail from their phone.

6. A prankster called to report a cougar on the loose, and then said her name is Cindy.

5. A resident called 911 to report that their roommate had eaten their takeout order.

4. Someone called to report a hostile cat.

3. A customer called because a store refused to accept the return of already-worn winter boots.

2. A caller was out of milk and asked if an officer could deliver some.

1. A homeowner called to report a clogged bathtub drain.

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