Tom Hanks Introduces A New Drink: Diet Cokagne

Tom Hanks is sharing a "shamefully good" cocktail for those not particpating in Dry January.

The actor showed off his new creation while appearing on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Tuesday. He says he and his wife Rita Wilson recently ordered a celebratory bottle of Champagne at Café Carlyle in New York City.

He explained, "I'm not a big drinker. So I usually have a Diet Coke because if you didn't have a long enough disco nap, you're going to fall asleep at 11:45."

Hanks says the staff poured the Champagne into the flutes as if it was "the last episode of 'The Bachelor,'" prompting him to request a shot of bubbly in his Diet Coke.

Hanks claims the drink was delicious and insisted that Colbert sample it. Colbert did and admitted, "It's really good. It's strangely, strikingly, shamefully good."

When coming up with a name for the drink, Hanks said he combined the words "Diet Coke" with "Champagne" to form "The Diet Cokagne."

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