Doctor Weighs In On TikTok Hangover Cure

Hangovers are the WORST! Well TikTok has a hack to help. A new trend has people dunking their heads in a bowl of ice water to help ease the symptoms of their hangovers. Known as the “ice bowl trick” or the “ice bowl challenge,” fans claim it really works, while others aren’t so sure about the results.

Several clips circulating have users trying the chilly method a try, holding her face underwater for 10 seconds, before taking a break to recover and plunge it in again.

“Oh my God, it works,” says one TikToker Anna Tay at first, but quickly changes her mind, adding, “No it doesn’t. What the f—, it doesn’t.” Another TikToker who posted a video of herself dunking her face in a bowl of ice water also wasn’t happy with the results, captioning the clip, “Whoever told me to put my face in a bowl of ice water to fix my hangover was lying.”

So does it work? According to pharmacist Dr. Chris Jackson, it does. In his own TikTok video, he explains that the trick activates the “diver’s reflex.” This is a biological response that keeps mammals alive in oxygen-deprived underwater conditions, according to Dartmouth.

“Put your face in a bowl of ice water, let the water hit your nostrils, and hold your face in the water for 5-10 seconds up to 3x. This will activate the diver’s reflex and help with nausea,” Jackson explains. “It’s also great for anxiety, migraines, and your skincare routine.”

Source: NY Post

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