Okay, Boomer. Top 10 Older Names Going Extinct

The name game is coming to an end for some Boomers ... who are slowly seeing their names go extinct. 

Stacker looked at official Social Security administration records of popular names for people born between 1946 and 1964, then checked which were given to 75 or fewer babies in 2021. The following names are in danger of disappearing:


  1. Doyle
  2. Wilbert
  3. Chuck
  4. Horace
  5. Delbert
  6. Pat
  7. Doug
  8. Lynn
  9. Kim
  10. Bob


  1. Sondra
  2. Laverne
  3. Pat
  4. Delores
  5. Gale
  6. Ronda
  7. Pam
  8. Sheila
  9. Patty
  10. Jan

Jan falling off the list will be very good news to anyone named Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Okay, I'll see myself out.

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