Best Time To View Planetary Alignment In Las Vegas Sky This Week

This week, we get a rare glimpse of a five-planet alignment across the sky.

Look for Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars to line up, giving us all a reason to face up at the night sky!

So when? Go outside, right at sunset when the sun goes down and look west Tuesday (March 28th). You'll see those planets strung out in a line, extending about 50 degrees.

Looks like Las Vegas will have favorable viewing conditions for this, with a clear western horizon. Jupiter, Venus and Mars will be the easies to see, but Mercury and Uranus will likely require binoculars or a telescope.

Closest to the horizon will be Jupiter and Mercure, Mars will be near the moon, with Venus nearby and Uranus (the greenish star) right about the moon.

The large planetary alignment will be visible in the days before and after, but March 28 will be the best day for observation.

There will be other planetary alignment viewing opportunities this year, including on April 11 and later in the summer on August 24. Another five-planet alignment (Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn) can also be seen June 17.

So break out those telescopes and get ready for a pretty awesome sight in the sky!

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