8 Things That Make You Look Like A Tourist

Las Vegas has more than our share of tourists, but this is geared towards international travelers. You may not even realize it, but when Americans travel out of the country, everyone knows you're an American and you don't even have to say a word. That's because you're probably doing something that only Americans do.

So, if you're traveling abroad and you want to blend in with the locals, stay away from doing these eight things:

  • Carrying a big purse or a bag. In other countries, no one carries a large bag around. They just carry whatever fits in their pockets.
  • Tipping. It's largely an American thing. Most people outside the U.S. don't tip. 
  • Asking the waiter to alter a menu item. Chefs take pride in the dishes so don't insult them by making changes.
  • Assuming a store is open late. In most countries, shopping late at night is unheard of. 
  • Wearing your shoes inside someone's home. In many other countries, guests are expected to take their shoes off before walking inside.
  • Asking a waiter for water and not expecting to pay for it. Tap water in many countries is not very good, so you'll probably get bottled water and have to pay for it. 
  • Hugging people. Unless you're very good friends with someone, many other cultures see it as an invasion of their personal space.
  • Talking to random people. In many countries, people just don't do that. And in some, they will look at you like you're deranged or drunk -- or American.

I'm guilty of at least 6 of those, you?

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