Why Taco Bell Wants To Cancel 'Taco Tuesday'

Taco Bell wants to cancel Taco Tuesday...well, at least the trademark "Taco Tuesday."  

Here's the thing, the trademark has been owned by rival Taco John's for 34 years. Taco Bell argues the phrase should be freely available to all who make, sell, eat and celebrate tacos. The fast food chain added nobody should have exclusive rights in a common phrase. 

I think they have a valid point here.

Taco Bell filed a petition with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and it can take up to two years before a decision is made. 

Taco John's has 40 days to respond and if the two sides can't reach an agreement, a trial would come into play.

If Taco Bell wins, we better get some free tacos out of this! :)

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