Las Vegas Valley Receives Minimal Damage Amid Hurricane Hilary

Photo: The Weather Channel

After a weekend of tropical storm watches, the Las Vegas valley received little damage during Hurricane Hilary.

The historic storm has caused significant flooding across Southern California, with it being the first tropical storm to hit the state in 84 years.

But for Las Vegas residents, flooding was minimal. Thanks to flood control infrastructure and nearly 700 miles of flood channels, damage from water runoff was prevented.

"We were kind of prepared for the worst and hoping for the best with this storm," said Steven Parrish, chief engineer with the Regional Flood Control District. "It turns out that the best is kind of what we got."

Although the Las Vegas valley made it through the storm with little damage, surrounding areas were not as lucky. Mountain Charleston had to close off a major road due to flood damage, and Lee Canyon will remained closed until this weekend, as they received nearly 10 inches of rain.

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