The Best Cheap Eats In Nevada

Shrimp cocktail

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What would we do without cheap eats?

Full meals with for the lowest prices are the ultimate deal, but, in all truthfulness, they can be difficult to find. Luckily, compiled a list of the best cheap eats in every state and where to try them, allowing readers to uncover the top mouthwatering secrets tucked away in a variety of fun neighborhoods, small towns and busy cities.

These delicious recipes and the eateries where they can be tasted can be discovered on scavenger hunts that locals can either guard or proudly recommend newcomers to embark on. Get ready to explore diverse food traditions and meet the passionate culinary artisans who pour their hearts and souls into creating these delectable masterpieces.

This is a trip not just for the absolute foodie, but for the adventurer at heart, roaming to savor the essence of each specific state's culture through its most beloved yet affordable tasty treasures.

Continue on for details about the best cheap eats in Nevada:

"Nevada: Shrimp Cocktail
Best Place to Try It: The Palace Station Oyster Bar in Las Vegas
Shrimp cocktail may seem like an odd dish to be associated with land-locked Nevada, but the Golden Gate Casino in Las Vegas is credited with popularizing the appetizer. It began touting its 50-cent shrimp cocktail to gamblers in 1959 and didn't raise the price until 1991 (and then only to 99 cents). The original Golden Gate Casino (and those cheap shrimp) are a thing of the past, but you can find shrimp cocktail at the Oyster Bar inside Palace Station Hotel and mountains of the peel-and-eat variety at nearly every casino buffet in town."

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