Amy Updates on Fender Bender Situation & if She Has Gotten Paid for Damage

Amy shared an update on her fender bender situation and if the woman who hit her car has paid her yet.

Backstory, a few weeks ago Amy’s car got hit in a parking lot. When she walked out the woman who did it was waiting for her. She told Amy she didn’t want to go through insurance so she would pay her cash for the damages. They exchanged numbers and have been in contact and the woman told her she will pay through the app Zelle, but for days she received nothing.

Finally, Amy has been paid some of the money! The woman owes her a little over $2,000, and through the app you can only pay $1,000 at a time so Amy has been receiving the money in installments. She got the first $1,000 and then a little while later she sent her the other $1,000. Now she’s just waiting for the remainder, which is a few hundred dollars.  

Amy said what she learned from this is that you can trust people, but admits she got very lucky too that this person didn’t scam her.  

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