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BEHOLD: FLIPPY - The Burger Flipping Robot?!?!


Plenty of teenagers – as well as plenty of adults – have worked or are currently working at fast food restaurants as burger flippers.

Well, their days might be numbered ... because a company has invented a new burger-flipping robot.

The robot – named Flippy – features a robotic arm with a hollow hockey puck at the end that scoops and flips burgers back onto the grill.

Once the burgers are done, Flippy puts them on plates and lets humans finish the job by adding the toppings. That is, until someone invents a robot that adds the toppings, of course. (Tech Crunch)

Could a machine like Flippy really be the future of the restaurant industry?

Are you surprised machines like Flippy aren’t already being used?

What was your fast food job experience like? Was it fun? Valuable? Torture? Do you have fond memories … or nightmares?

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