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Brad Paisley's LOVE AND WAR is available NOW!

What happens when Mick Jagger, John Fogerty and Brad Paisley go to a restaurant together? The waitress gets absolutely tongue-tied. 

Brad took Mick and John to Sperry's, a venerable Nashville steakhouse, for dinner when they were in town doing guest shots on Brad's new album, Love and War.

Brad says, “It was hilarious. It wasn’t until those guys left that I was like, Holy cow. This is something, being able to do this. What a great fantasy camp (I’m able) to run out here."

In addition to Mick and John, Timbaland and Bill Anderson sing on the record. And Johnny Cash makes a posthumous appearance at the beginning of "Gold All Over the Ground," a poem of Johnny's which Brad and Johnny's son adapted into a song. 

  • Did you ever have a celebrity encounter in an unusual place?
  • That waitress has a great story to tell her friends. 
  • Brad's duet with Demi Lovato, "Without a Fight," is not on the album.

Brad Paisley Releases “Gold All Over the Ground” As Instant Grat Track


In Conversation with John Carter Cash, 

Paisley Discusses Co-Writing With Johnny Cash


Countdown Continues to Paisley’s 

LOVE AND WAR Album Launch April 21


Nashville, TN – Superstar Brad Paisley announces the release of “Gold All Over The Ground” as an instant grat track to fans who pre-order Paisley’s LOVE AND WAR that streets April 21. They will also receive four additional songs, the smash “Today,” the current single “Last Time For Everything,” and album cuts “selfie#theinternetisforever” and “Heaven South.” Brad co-wrote all of the 15 tracks on LOVE AND WAR, and it is available for pre-order now HERE. Pre-save LOVE AND WAR on Spotify HERE.

Today, Brad Paisley discussed with John Carter Cash the creation of “Gold All Over The Ground.” See a clip of their conversation HERE.

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