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My Day at DayDream // M Resort

I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but I've never done the Vegas Pool Scene thing. I just work work work and forget to play play play! But, M Resort invited me to spend some time with them over Memorial Day Weekend!

Producer C$$$ was celebrating her 30th Birthday, so we kicked off our weekend with a daybed at DayDream ... the 21+ pool at M Resort. The service staff was SUPER nice & our mojitos (we had coconut!) were ice cold and delicious. 

The DJ was playing hit music & the party atmosphere was on fleek!

If you're looking to completely relax, I'd recommend the M Pool instead of DayDream, but we wanted to make new Vegas friends & we weren't disappointed! 

I would've taken more photos, but I accidentally on purpose fell asleep (WHOOPS!) and forgot all about work. 

Which was the point to the day anyway.



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