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How You Can Style Your Hair Just Like Miranda Lambert When She's On Tour

Miranda Lambert is one of those incredible country voices and she just makes everything look flawless including her gorgeous locks! 

These days, hairstylist Johnny Lavoy is the man behind her signature waves, but he is quick to give the singer-songwriter hair kudos. “There are times that I don’t get to style Miranda when she is on tour,” Lavoy shared with Simplemost. “Because of this, I want to make sure she can create her signature waves on her own. I’ve equipped her with a full set of PRO Beauty Tools curling irons so she can create any look she wants on the road. She is actually a great study — she does an amazing job doing her own hair and makeup.”

Lavoy shared several helpful styling tips with us, so you can achieve country music and Southern belle-level hair. All you need is one versatile tool available at Amazon and a bit of practice.

Rock 'n Roll Waves

For Miranda’s signature look, Lavoy created waves using the tapered attachment of the new PRO Beauty Tools new 3-in-1 Copper Ceramic Curling Wand. The trick here is to wrap the hair in alternating sections (one forward, then one back) as you work around your head. Also, be sure to leave the ends out for a deconstructed curl.

Super Soft Waves

For a slight variation on Lambert’s signature style, Lavoy recommended starting with blow-dried hair. Then he used the large barrel attachment of the PRO Beauty Tools 3-in-1 Copper Ceramic Curling Wand and wrapped hair in sections. He finished the look by brushing through hair, which softened the waves, and before setting them with hairspray.

So now you can look like Miranda at home! 

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