I pulled off an EPIC Christmas Surprise this weekend!

I pulled off TWO EPIC #christmas surprises this weekend! Dad was my co-conspirator & number one secret-keeper while@honeybeecakeco ONCE AGAIN crafted the ultimate gift by way of Ms. Molly Merrybottom: our Snickerdoodle Christmas Cake! YUM!

When I pulled into my driveway in Green Valley, my parents were outside admiring a hummingbird 💜 and my Mom couldn’t figure out why someone was rolling into her gravel ... until she realized ... isn’t that a @subaru_usa... LOIS!!!?!? OMG IT’s LOIS! And started crying! ✅ Grampy knew something was up when my Dad asked him to meet them outside just before dinner, but had NO IDEA it would be ME! 🎉 He told my Mom on the phone later that evening that when he turned around and saw me, he thought I was “an angel from Heaven (awww!) and it was such a blessing to have me visit safely”.

My Mom had been sad all day; posting pictures from the past, missing her present 😢 like so many other families this year. My surprise visit changed that for her. ☺️ I don’t take it for granted how lucky I am to live so close & to be able to visit safely - I was once again emotional thinking of those who couldn’t. :( We asked Grampy if he remembered to put his slice of cake in the fridge & he giggled and said, “hah! what’s left of it!” 😏 💝🎄#merrychristmas