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When Chesney, McGraw & Rick Springfield recommend a read - it's a YES!

Listen as Double-L introduces you to singer/songwriter/author Aimee Mayo! They discuss some of her biggest hits including Martina’s “This One’s For the Girls” and Lonestar’s “Amazed”, which, by the way, celebrates its’ 20th Anniversary this year!

-Parade calls her memoir “both tragic and triumphantly hilarious” 

-American Songwriter

GRAMMY® nominated songwriter Aimee Mayo has written songs that have spent a whopping 26 weeks on Billboard’s No. 1 spot, including a BMI 8 Million Plays Award. She is one of the few female writers to receive both BMI's 'Country Song of the Year' and BMI's 'Country Songwriter of the Year' putting her in the company of Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift. 

TALKING TO THE SKY is her unforgettable memoir — it is heartbreaking (her dad shot himself on Christmas Eve when she was 8 years old, thankfully, he lived — he was the writer of “Keeper Of The Stars” “Jesus And Mama (Always Loved Me), “If I Had You,” “Feed Jake,” and many more hits) and it’s hilarious (her Rick Springfield story will knock you off your chair!).  

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OPEN – Aimee LOVES Arizona – got married in Sedona

1:18 – Lonestar/AMAZED

1:50 – CIVIL WARS/Taylor

3:00 – wild rolodex + SNL with Tim McGraw

3:50 – SNL dream cast – Bill Heder memories – Dad memories

4:00 – How “TALKING TO THE SKY” was born

6:45 – What’s the difference between writing a song and writing a book?

7:20 – PASSION PROJECT – she knew she had to finish and publish … for herself but even more – FOR HER KIDS

8:00 – REAX from friends like Kenny, Tim & Rick Springfield

8:10 – Rick Rick Rick – Oh, Rick 😊 #swoon

10:10 – HOW on earth were you able to weave SUCH humor into a dark story? Aimee drops a BOMB of a line, which I loved …. “Comedy = Tragedy + Time”

11:20 – Feedback from songwriter Brad Warren (hit songwriter from BNA)

12:00 – Aimee’s Advice for Dreamers

13:00 – Reminding listeners WHO this powerhouse boss babe IS! (award winning)

13:40 – HAVE WE MET? Aimee & I love each other & feel like we’re sisters 😊

14:30 – Can’t wait to read the book!

15:10 – Recommend by – NAME DROPS 😊

Hope you enjoyed the chat & now, go pick up TALKING TO THE SKY on Amazon today!

Kenny says of Aimee: She is such a special soul. Great friend, great songwriter, great person. She just released this book about her journey and I’m so proud of her.

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