MuttNation Monday: Meet Ballerina and Adopt Her Today

Meet Ballerina! She is an 8-year-old, 19-lb. Shih Tzu mix. Ballerina was at A Home 4 Spot a few years ago, and unfortunately, she is back in the rescue because her mom passed away. She is smart, friendly, and has the most beautiful coat. She only barks when the doorbell rings. She is crate trained so long as you show her that she will get a treat once she’s in "her room." At bedtime, she sleeps quietly in a crate in the bedroom until the crate door is opened in the morning. She is getting in the groove of a new potty routine, but there are still mistakes. She is VERY food oriented, which is probably why she is a full-figured gal.

Ballerina would do best in a home without small children as she will try to grab anything and eat it. And despite her name, she is NOT dainty. If someone is in the way of something that she wants, she will pretty much just run them over to get it. She’s not mean... She’s just a girl who knows what she wants.

She gets along with small dogs, but she is all about her human, so we believe that she could also do well in a one-dog house. She is getting a much-needed dental and will be ready for her forever home! 

If you are her forever home, fill out an adoption interest form at!

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