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My Trip to Beaches Resorts Turk and Caicos!

Man... last week was the best week of my LIFE!!!

I was asked to broadcast LIVE from Beaches Resorts Turks and Caicos! The minute I got there, I was blown away with how nice all the locals were! They we're so friendly and laid back! 

Once we got to the resort, I received a map and I couldn't believe how big it was! 93 acers!! and it has 24 restaurants on site!!! The best part about Beaches Resorts is it's all inclusive! Free food. Free drinks. Free activities! AND THE BEACH!!! We lounged on the beautiful beach for most of the time we were there! The water is a gorgeous turquoise color and it's the perfect temperature, not to mention the sand is so soft!! 

The second day, we decided to go SNUBA diving... yes I said it right SNUBA!!! It's the combination of scuba and snorkeling. You use the snorkeling mask while breathing through a scuba ventilator. You don't have to wear the big tank either! It floats on a raft while you are attached to it with a 20ft cord. I only went down 16ft BUT STILL.... that's a lot farther down than I thought I'd go! But wow, what an experience! We saw tons of fish, crabs, lobsters and the beautiful reefs! And the water was crystal clear and warm! 

The food at Beaches Resorts was everything I expected and more! It was hard to get to every restaurant with there being 24 and I was only there for four days... But that just means I'll have to go back again   We have Sushi at "Soy Sushi Bar", The best Mac and Cheese at "Mr. Mac" food truck (yes they have food trucks!), lobster tail wedding dinner at "Sapodillas" and so so so much more!

Ok now I know you're reading that last part like.. "WHAT?!? Wedding?!?!"

YUP!! My now Hubby and I eloped while we were out there!! It was the best experience EVER! I would do it all over again, everyday if I could!

We got married in a little gazebo RIGHT on the beach! After our ceremony they gave us a private cocktail party on the beach just for us with our own cake cutting and of course our first dance! SOO romantic!! Than finished it off with a nice dinner for tow at Sapodillas! I owe it all to my wedding planner who is there on property. She coordinated everything so perfectly and kept everything chill! NO STRESS We will remember Patrica forever!

The trip was more than SPECTACULAR!!! 

95.5 The Bull is giving you 3 chances a day to win your way to Beaches Resots Turks and Caicos! Beaches is Better than ever and we want YOU to experience it for yourself with a 4 day, 3 night LUXURY INCLUDED stay! Listen for the keywords at 7:50a, 11:50a and 3:30p for your chance to WIN!

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