Wayne and Tay

Wayne and Tay

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My Daughter is on TMZ!!!

Ronda Rousey has a brand new tag team partner -- a 6-year-old girl, my daughter -- and together they get some adorably violent revenge on a wrestling event security guard!!!  

Here's the deal ... Rousey was in the crowd at the WWE SmackDown Live in Vegas on Tuesday when she was spotted by a 6-year-old fan who wanted a photo. 

An arena security guard stopped the girl from getting to Ronda (basically, he did his job) -- but the little girl was devastated and began to bawl her eyes out. 

Ronda watched the situation unfold and beelined it to little Hailey, aka - MY DAUGHTER -- where the UFC legend immediately put the guard in a full nelson and let the kid exact sweet fist revenge!!! 

They laughed. They hugged. They took pics. Ronda even invited the kid to sit next to her in the front row. 

And now the security guard will forever know ... NO ONE MESSES WITH HAILEY!!!! 

We've been fans of Ronda in our house for a long time and to meet her and have her be so nice and kind...I really have no words.  I wish I could do something for her or even just say thanks again because she created a moment for my daughter and I we will never forget!


More MORE plus pics & a video of Ronda helping my kid beat up the security guard...CLICK HERE!

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