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In The Feels:Dogs Always Make Us Smile Especially When It's A Parade Of 'Em

Whoooo doesn't love dogs?? If you don't you might need to reevaluate you life... Loving up on a pup can be such a mood changer and this proves it!

81-year-old Linda Summers of Dallas, Texas, was in need of some cheering up, so she looked out the window of her apartment building and saw a woman walking a little dog. She then had the urge to run out of her apartment and pet that dog.

She ended up not giving in to that urge -- but later decided to put a message up on a neighborhood social media app in hopes of discovering who that woman was so she could ask for a quick visit.

People in her community responded to that message in a big way.

One after another, Linda’s neighbors stepped up and offered to bring their dogs over for a visit. It was overwhelming to the point that Linda couldn’t even keep up with all the offers for visits.

Before long, Linda received more than 300 responses.

Instead of being sad -- as she was before -- the parade of neighbors and dogs caused Linda to tear up ... in a good way.

As she explained, “All these nice people being so sweet to me. It makes me tear up. They just melt my heart.”

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