Wayne and Tay

Wayne and Tay

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We're The First Customers Inside Miranda's New Bar! Here's An Inside Look!

Let's just start off with THIS PLACE IS HEAVEN if you love yourself some Tacos and good ol Margaritas!

As you may or may not know, the Wayne D Show proudly broadcasts everyday from Jason Aldean's Kitchen and Rooftop on lower Broadway in Nashville. The same restaurant owners who own Aldean's also own Luke's 32 Bridge, FGL House and now Miranda Lambert's.

Well today is the day we finally got to go in to check the place out... And WOW!

As soon as you walk in you are immediately immersed in Miranda's world. Everything is pink and well... TEXAS! On the main floor they have a super cute bar with a stage towards the back for live music. And of course at the bar FROZEN MARGS!!

Then their beautiful Tex Mex themed staircase will send you up to the second floor where their Cantina is! This is where the real magic happens!

We got to be the first ones to try their food and margaritas! Of course, being the smart people that we are, we dove head first into their Frozen Margs! One regular and one blueberry! BOTH absolutely delicious! Not too sweet and STRONG enough! PLUS you could even get one of these adorable pink souvenir cups.

Tay even got to try one of their signature margaritas called the LOCOMOTIVE, named after one of Miranda's songs. Check pics!!

Since we had all this yummy tequila running through our systems, it was time to get in on the food action. We started out with the trio appetizer, includes salsa, guac and green salsa with chips made in house that are thin and so delicious! Also ended up getting the Elote and Queso Chorizo because it's just not Tex Mex without either!

When we got to the main course we ordered our TACOS! Wayne D enjoyed his Carnitas Tacos and Tay got Shrimp Tacos. Once again... blew us away!!! The flavor was on point! Nothing is too spicy but lots of flavor.

And last, we couldn't forget desert! We were spoiled with the Chocolate Avocado Mousse... Yes you read that right AVOCADO!

Send our compliments to the amazing Chef, Ashley Grim. @chefleygrim on IG

Overall we had a blast! Make sure y'all check out Miranda Lambert's and TC Resturant Group's new master piece! Wayne will be there everyday for the tacos and Tay... well we all know shes there for the Margs!

See below for more fun looks inside Miranda Lambert's Casa Rosa

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