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Red Bull Brings Freestyle Slackline Competition To Nashville

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On October 16, Red Bull will transform Downtown Nashville for Red Bull Walk the Line*, a first-of-its-kind, show-stopping competition and music spectacle. The freestyle slacklining event will showcase top athletes from across the globe as they throw their best tricks on a two-inch line suspended 30 feet above iconic Lower Broadway. 

Spectators and bar hoppers can witness all of the action up close from the streets of Music City and surrounding rooftop bars. From incredible musical performances to breathtaking action, only one athlete will be crowned champion. 

12 athletes from across the world are taking their talents to new heights in Red Bull Walk the Line: 

  • Jaan Roose (Estonia) 
  • Haruki Kinoshita (Japan)
  • Eric Hake (United States)
  • Mickey Wilson (Brazil)
  • Aaron Bray (Estonia)
  • Zephaniah Gonzales (United States)
  • Martin Hernandez (United States) 
  • Giovanna Petrucci (Brazil) 
  • Teruto Tanaka (Japan)
  • Valentina Eriza (Chile)
  • Matias Sepulvida (Chile)
  • Ben Schneider (United States)

**Athlete attendance is subject to change due to travel restrictions 

The panel of judges will include three professional slacklining judges - Andy Lewis, Breanna Yeh and Justin Wagers - as well as an exciting celebrity guest judge (to be announced). Judges will award points through a 1-10 scoring system based on height of tricks, technical aspects, overall performance and creativity. 

“Red Bull Walk the Line spectators can expect to see the best slackliners in the world throwing some of their most challenging tricks. Athletes will be showcasing years of training and hard work, each with their own specific style and specialties,” said Alex Mason, Competition Director. “The event will blend the world of slacklining with Nashville’s rich musical history and pay homage to the city’s heritage in the heart of Downtown.”


Photo: AFP

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