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Photographer Deletes Wedding Pics In Front Of Groom After Ultimatum

We are used to hearing about bridezillas, but one gal recently encountered a groomzilla who was supposedly her friend, and she handled him in just about the best way possible. 

A woman shared on Reddit’s “Am I The A-Hole” forum, that in an attempt to save money, a friend of hers basically begged her to be his wedding photographer, even though she isn’t a photographer by trade.

“I'm not really a photographer, I'm a dog groomer”, she explained. “I take lots of photos of dogs all day to put on my Facebook and Instagram, it's "my thing" if that makes sense. A cut and a photo with every appointment.” She adds, “I very seldom shoot things other than dogs even if I have a nice setup.” 

Her friend basically begged her to do the photos, insisting he didn’t care if they weren’t perfect so she agreed to do it for $250, which was a bargain for a 10-hour event.

So on the wedding day she followed around the bride to take pictures of them getting ready, and shot the ceremony, reception, etc. But as dinner was being served the groom told her she couldn’t eat because she needed to continue taking photos, and the couple didn’t even put her at a table.

When she told the groom she needed a 20 minute break to eat and drink something, she notes, “He tells me I need to either be a photographer or leave without pay.” Needless to say the OP wasn’t happy. “I asked if he was sure, and he said yes,” she shares, “so I deleted all the photos I took in front of him and took off saying I'm not his photographer anymore.” 

The OP says she’s noticed that since getting back from their honeymoon the couple has stayed off line in order to avoid people asking to see photos of the day. She wonders if she was in the wrong, but pretty much everyone agrees she isn’t.

  • “You went in with the expectation of $250 to take high quality pictures... while also being a guest at their event (including a place to sit, eat & drink),” one person noted. “And realistically, you did nothing but follow the groom's suggestion. Either continue being a photographer or forfeit your $250.
  • Another added, “What did the groom think that entailed? He would get all that work for free? … I would seriously reconsider this friendship.”

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