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Home Violently Broken Into By Deer

The Williams family was in shock after coming home to find their home broken into, but the shock turned into disbelief after they saw who was responsible.

“Jamar rushes home and walks in, and there’s glass everywhere,” Chrystal Williams said.

“Glass everywhere, the front door wide open,” Jamar Williams said.

The couple was thankful they weren’t home at the time of the break in. They don’t know what the “thief” would have done. “I call and make a police report. They come out and investigate. They searched the whole house, you know. Nothing was stolen, so they didn’t understand why,” Chrystal Williams said.

They checked all of the rooms. All of their valuables were still there.

“They’re like, ‘Do you have something in the walls, hidden?’ I’m like, ‘No,’” Chrystal Williams said.

There were holes in the walls, though, that they couldn’t explain, and the damage to the door was catastrophic.

They were stumped until they remembered their doorbell camera.

“It pulls up where I can kind of pull up the screen,” Jamar Williams said.

The burglar was a buck who who hoofed it out of there 45 seconds later.

“It’s so insane. You have to show someone the video because it’s like there’s no way anyone would believe you without the video,” Chrystal Williams said.

“There was no blood or anything, so I don’t think he got too hurt,” Chrystal Williams said.

While there was no blood, the deer didn’t cover his tracks inside.

The Williams family said they’re still shocked.

“Like a little traumatized, when I come downstairs to go to work now, I just got to like kind of just throw (the door) open real quick and just kind of look because I don’t know if he was going to pop back up. I don’t know,” Jamar William. The couple said fortunately the damage done by the deer wasn’t extensive.s said.

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