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Dog The Bounty Hunter May Return To TV

Dog the Bounty Hunter's search for Brian Laundrie is getting him attention from TV execs.

Sources tell TMZ that the former reality star has been "contacted by multiple networks over the past several days that have expressed a desire in resurrecting a television show with him as the star."

The insiders say Dog's wife Francie has been filming the manhunt and that she'd be involved in the possible series.

The family of Gabby Petito invited the public to a funeral for their daughter yesterday as the search for her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, enters week number two.

Dog The Bounty Hunter – also known as – Duane Chapman – is now also looking for him.

Chapman arrived at Brian Laundrie’s family home. To no surprise, there wasn't an answer. He had been contacted by many people about the case. He was also already in Florida on his honeymoon. He says this case hits close to home because he lost a daughter in a car accident. She was around the same age as Gabby. Chapman says he understands the pain of losing a daughter.

When a reporter asked Chapman why he was at the Laundrie family home, he responded, "Come on...you know."

Chapman, who has his own anonymous tip line (833-TELL-DOG), said he’s getting calls every two or three minutes. Much of the information he’s received points toward the Appalachian Trail – where Laundrie has camped out before.

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