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Couple Getting Blasted For Giving Chef Six-Step Instructions For Takeout

While it’s not outrageous to have a request of a chef when placing an order, one couple took things way too far and are now being roasted for it on social media. 

The outrageous behavior was revealed on the Facebook page “Don’t F With our Server,” with someone posting typed note with six-step instructions given to a chef regarding the preparation of a couple's takeout burger order. The letter, attributed to a couple known only as Alan and Karen, requested every part of their meal, including buns, burgers, fries, and condiments, be placed in separate individual packages. 

As you can imagine, folks on social media were simply flabbergasted by the outrageous requests.

  • “LOL!!!!! My restaurant would say no,” one person wrote. “We don't waste to go containers on stupidity.”
  • Another added, “Wtf. Go to the grocery store and cook it yourself Karen.”

Other commenters took it as a chance to share their experiences with demanding customers.

  • “I used to have a guy that would give his server a note to give to me on how to make his Bombay up martini,” one person shared. “Every Friday for 2 years.”
  • Another added, “I had this guy that used to come into my job and I s*** you not he printed business cards with these ridiculous modifications. To a salad.” 

The couple did have a few people on their side though.

  • One person noted, “They are annoying, but at least they are clear, and also seem to understand that they know they are annoying.”
  • Another added, “I wouldn't get too bent about this, but it's totally reasonable to charge for all the extra containers, since depending on what you're working with each container can be pretty costly.”

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