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Mass Shooting At Elementary School In Uvalde, Texas Leaves At Least 19 Dead

Photo: Getty Images North America

There are several ways to help the victims of the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

Several organizations have verified fundraisers to help victims in need.

GoFundMe has an online hub of verified fundraisers supporting victims and loved ones affected by the shooting. You can find that online hub by clicking here.

The listed fundraisers include one organized by VictimsFirst, which is a network of survivors and relatives affected by previous mass shootings. This fundraiser gives "no-strings-attached cash payments" to the victims' family members.

According to the group, it started the fund "to make sure that 100% of what is collected goes DIRECTLY to the victim base so the victims' families and those wounded/injured are protected from fraud and exploitation."

The other two fundraisers include a campaign raising money for funeral expenses for the family of Xavier Lopez and a fundraiser by Austin-based Los Verdes Supporter Group. As of Wednesday morning, all three fundraisers had exceeded their goals.

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