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If You're Planning to Have A Baby... Don't Do It In This State.

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Having a baby is a big decision, and as much as you may want to become a parent, there are a lot of things to consider before welcoming a child into the world. And believe it or not, where you live may play a huge role in that decision, since some states are certainly better for having a child than others. 

  • WalletHub has just come out with their list of the Best and Worst States To Have A Baby.
  • They looked at the 50 states and the District of Columbia, judging them on 32 key measures of having a baby.
  • The factors range in areas of cost, healthcare, baby friendliness and family friendliness.
  • With all that in mind, Massachusetts earns the honor of best state to have a baby earning a score of 67.84 out of 100.
  • Massachusetts comes in at number one for family friendliness, two for healthcare and at five for baby friendliness. It isn’t cheap though, with Massachusetts landing at 34 for cost.
  • District of Columbia is tops for baby friendliness, while Vermont, second overall, is tops for healthcare, and Ohio is tops for cost. 

Top Ten Best States To Have A Baby

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Vermont
  3. Minnesota
  4. New Hampshire
  5. Rhode Island
  6. Connecticut
  7. North Dakota
  8. Washington
  9. Iowa
  10. Utah
  • On the flip side, folks in South Carolina may want to reconsider having a child. The state was named the worst place to have baby, earning just a 29.07 and landing close to the bottom in all areas.

Ten Worst States To Have A Baby

  1. South Carolina
  2. Alabama
  3. Mississippi
  4. Louisiana
  5. Georgia
  6. Florida
  7. Arkansas
  8. Oklahoma
  9. West Virginia
  10. Nevada

SOURCE: WalletHub.com

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