Men Reveal The Secrets They're Keeping From Their Wife

Trust is a huge part of marriage but let’s face it, not everyone tells their spouse everything like they should. In fact, some are keeping some huge secrets from their significant other, but for some reason they are willing to share them with strangers.

A new thread on the anonymous Whisper app has husbands revealing the secrets they keep from their wives and some of them are downright shocking. 

Secrets include:

  • “My wife doesn’t know I want a divorce. She’s happy in the marriage, I’m not. It’s going to break her heart.”
  • “My wife doesn’t know I like to wear women’s underwear and might be secretly curious.”
  • “My wife doesn’t know that I’m a cam boy on the side to help with the bills.”
  • “My wife doesn’t know it but she wears other girls panties. She thinks I just like buying her new ones.”
  • “My wife loaned me to her best friend for her 30th birthday. Now we have sex all the time and my wife doesn’t know.”
  • “My wife doesn’t know how much I fantasize over her family members and friends.”
  • “My best friend is also my mistress…my wife doesn’t know.”
  • “My wife doesn’t know about the men I’ve slept with before I met her or the men I’ve slept with since our marriage eight years ago.”
  • “I’m a married man and my wife doesn’t know I use Tinder.”
  • “My wife doesn’t know I have a thing for women that are barely legal. I’m 37.” 

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