A Peek Into Eric Church's Tour

Eric Church is set to kick off his “The Gather Again” tour Friday in Lexington, Kentucky, and he just gave fans a peak behind-the-scenes at preparations for the show. 

“The hardest thing I’ve done thus far in my career is this setlist,” Eric shares, explaining that since his “Heart & Soul” project is three albums there’s a lot to choose from. “You add 28 songs to what we already had going, which is a pretty stacked and packed setlist" adding it’s “maddening” trying to get rid of stuff and change things up every night which he says he’s “committed” to doing.

Eric adds, “we’re still going to play the different set, we’re going to give people different experiences.” 

  • Adding to the excitement, Eric will be playing on a 2,400 square foot multi-level stage, in the middle of the arena. “I’ve never played a stage like this in my career,” he says. “There’s really no front… It’s kind of like a cage match. I mean once we get out there the crowd is everywhere.”

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