Packers’ Jones Drops Necklace Containing Father’s Ashes

Carolina Panthers v Green Bay Packers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Normally, when an athlete loses a piece of jewelry, I don’t waste my time talking about it. Julio Jones lost an expensive diamond earring on a lake once. And most recently, the Mets Javier Baez lost his diamond earring when crossing home plate. But the Packers Aaron Jones would lose a necklace during his career game against the Lions—and it would leave me hoping for its safe return.

Jones’ necklace wasn’t just some garish gold piece of nonsense. It wasn’t your average necklace. No, Jones’ chain actually contained the ashes of his late father Alvin Jones Sr. in a football shaped pendant. Jones’ father instilled his love for football in his young son and—the running back would always find him in the stands before his games. Jones just lost his father to COVID-19—at only 56 years of age. So, his dad was at the top of his mind in the Packers 35-17 victory over Detroit.

In fact, the dynamic back balled out so much in the game—that’s how the pendant came off. It was during his second of four touchdowns that he believes he lost it. But referring to the end zone Jones said: “If there was any place to lose it, that's where my dad would've wanted me to lose it. So I know he's smiling.” Yeah, and with four touchdowns—67 yards rushing and 48 yards receiving—I’d say poppa was definitely smiling. Oh, and a Packers trainer would go on to recover the necklace too, in case you were wondering.

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