Is This Costume Too Scary For My Kid?

My daughter has an incredible sense of humor and inherited my "class clown" personality. So naturally, when I let her pick out her Halloween costume this year, she went the scary route. Keep in mind, she's 10 years old.

She's choosing to be the grim reaper. I asked her why, she said because it will be spooky to the other kids and she wants to scare them. She picked a really gory, scary version, but I talked her down to just the dark costume with light up eyes you can see in the dark. Now that I see her in the costume, I have two fears.

My first fear, she will scar other kids. That's not a typo, I didn't mean scare. I meant scar. It's creepy as hell, no doubt.

My other fear is she will continue to scare me by dressing in costume and hiding in the house. Just like she was doing in this picture. SCARED. THE. CRAP. out of me.

So my question to you is, how scary is too scary for a 10 year old. Especially during a pandemic. I'd love your feedback, find me on socials @MoJoeRoberts.