MoJoe Roberts

MoJoe Roberts

He gives new meaning to Las Vegan, as he doesn't eat meat. MoJoe is a walking music Wikipedia, movie lover, outdoor enthusiast and super dad of 3,...Full Bio

Episode 41 - NFR Week Kickoff Party and How We Almost Missed Adele

Episode 40 - Awakening

We hear the new show Awakening at Wynn is spectacular, maybe one day we'll be lucky enough to see it. (hint) Adele opens her residency this weekend and one of us is going, guess who? Also, Garth, Taylor and Pink are coming to town! One of them even crashed the internet this week, we'll explain. Plus the latest on the Golden Knights, Raiders and the LV Grand Prix.

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Episode 39 - Should Nevada Play Powerball and Are The Killers Worthy of 1st Ballot Rock Hall of Fame?

Happy Election Day! This week, Tony & MoJoe somehow got into a discussion about whether The Killers are 1st Ballot worthy for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. What do YOU think? We also talked about why Nevada should consider participating in Powerball ticket sales. There's a ton of new concert announcements, including an all-star NuMetal festival Ice is excited about.

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Episode 38 - Taylor Swift Announces Vegas Date and Evel Pie's New Pizza is Literally On Fire

Swifties are excited about today's tour announcement, including a Las Vegas date. We discuss that, along with this new hot pizza that requires a waiver and Tony wants to ask if Carr is the problem for the Raiders?

Episode 37 - When Wind Attacks! How it affected a major festival and caused MoJoe to fight a fence

Tony has an interesting point about tourist liability for concert cancellations. With the major wind kicking up Saturday, day one of When We Were Young festival got cancelled. What happened next was kinda cool, we discuss...including how MoJoe got into a fight with a fence and lost. Yes, really. Ice attended her first VGK game and MoJoe went to his first Raiders game at Allegiant Stadium. Both ended in wins, so we must be good luck. Plus where to go for Halloween in Las Vegas, we'll point you in the right direction.

Episode 36 - Our Haunted Las Vegas Halloween Extravaganza!

This week, we cover a bunch of Halloween events around Las Vegas and some truly haunted destinations you may not be aware of, one of which includes the ghost of Elvis.

Episode 35 - Blink 182 Reunion Coming To Las Vegas And Bringing Some Famous Friends

MoJoe, Ice & Tony are excited that Blink 182 are back together. Their Las Vegas show will feature some of the biggest Pop/Punk bands of the 90s & 2000s. We talk about that, the Raiders tough loss and the season return for our Vegas Golden Knights!

Episode 34 - Best tacos in Las Vegas and the Raiders finally win a game!

Tony, Ice & MoJoe talk about the Raiders putting a WIN on the board, the return of First Friday and an amazing lineup of concerts just got announced in Las Vegas!

One October Remembrance - Events happening in Las Vegas to honor first responders and those lives we lost.

Hard to believe it's already been 5 years since that tragic day. We continue to honor our 58, the countless other lives affected and the first responders and everyday heroes that saved lives. We continue to heal together as a community. Because together, we are #VegasStrong.

Episode 33 - Raiders are sucking but our iHeartRadio Music Festival did not!

We cover everything you might have missed at our iHeartRadio Music Festival, including how to watch it again next week. Plus, what's up with the Raiders and how they are the only 0-3 team in the NFL this season. Tony & Ice take the LV IQ Test this week, where you'll find out what city beat out Las Vegas for the worst potty mouths in America!

And as we prepare for Saturday's somber anniversary of One October, we will highlight a few events happening in Las Vegas to help our community continue to heal.