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Rumors Swirling of a Swift Super Bowl Halftime Show, Here's Why

Let me start by saying this is all just a rumor at this point. But Swifties are pretty good at deciphering clues and Easter eggs, that are usually planted with purpose by the pop princess.

The rumor is Taylor Swift could be the Super Bowl halftime act for 2023.

Fans starting buzzing about this possibility after the NFL dropped, what appeared to be, a big clue.

Pepsi pulled out of the partnership of the halftime show and Thursday night at midnight, they announced Apple Music as the new sponsor.

Midnight...clue number one.

Taylor often drops music at that hour and her upcoming project is called Midnights.

She has a deal with Coca-Cola, which has prevented her from partnering with Pepsi...clue number two.

Let me stop there by reiterating that the league has yet to make mention of a potential halftime show performer for the upcoming Super Bowl LVII. Again, this is just a rumor.

But, with Apple Music now the official halftime show sponsor, you can expect a BIG artist announcement to follow.

Taylor Swift would put on an incredible Halftime Show in AZ.

But, let's also start thinking about who should perform in 2024 when the big game is in Las Vegas. I nominate local band Imagine Dragons.

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